Hand-Selected Since 1987

 In a world of mass-produced foods and chain stores, there stands a few owner-operated businesses that strive to offer to their communities a refreshing alternative. San Francisco Fish company is one such business.

 For seventeen years I owned and operated Rockridge Fish in the Market Hall in Oakland. My staff and I treated our customers to a dazzling array of seafood products and worked hard to educate them about the joys of cooking with and eating fish. Many of our customers followed us to our current location in San Francisco's historic Ferry Building, where we've been carrying on the tradition since January, 2004.

 At San Francisco Fish Company, our goal is to showcase the best possible picks from the sea - which we hand-select personally - and provide these to our customers in every form: as raw product, prepared and ready to eat or cook at home, or cooked to order. we want to help educate our customers in a comfortable, inviting setting, about the many benefits of fish and seafood and how to prepare it. I've worked in many kitchens and with many chefs, which has taught me a lot about seafood and how to prepare it. Everything in our store is home-made, with two exceptions: seaweed salad and smoked salmon, because we found the right providers for these products. We offer a wide selection of beautifully displayed raw fish from around the world, and we pick the best of what's available each day. The offerings depend on the season, fishing restrictions, the weather, and other variables that contribute to what is available. The challenge is to provide every day the awesome variety and value that our customers have come to expect, and it's a challenge we love.

 Whether you want to cook at home, grab something on the go, ship something special somewhere else, or come hang out in our seating area, we've got you covered. We care about your business and we want you to enjoy the experience of coming to our store and to the Ferry Building. So if you're a seafood lover or just a food lover, live in the area or passing through, make the Ferry Building and San Francisco Fish Company a priority; We guarantee you'll love it!

-Allen kuehn