Loch Duart, Scottland.

Loch Duart, Scottland.


Company Strategy


Lots of companies ask you to trust them. Few give you something to believe in.
From a fishing boat or an artisan farm to your table — we give a brand name not just to a process, but an ethos. Find it on a gill tag. Find it on a menu. CleanFish brands, like Loch Duart salmon and Laughing Bird shrimp, are traceable to people, not just a tracking number.
At CleanFish, we want you to know where your fish has been. This clarity gives power to the producer and power to the chef and consumer.
This is your power. Use it.


Conscious growers need conscious eaters. 
For upstream to survive and flourish, there must be a downstream to order and enjoy their labors, to join in this bold project as co-producers.
Downstream, chefs are using their power as tastemakers to support the upstream network and introduce diners to seafood beyond what they’ve tasted before.
Consumers are looking for answers and finding them in branded seafood that links them meaningfully back to the producers.
Together, a hopeful web is woven.
Vote with your fork. That’s what it’s all about.


This new paradigm — of producers linked to chefs and consumers — is what will make a cleaner future. This is the soul of CleanFish.
Markets are built. Practices can be improved. New ideas are emerging. This is how we get to fish that’s the best of the season, better every season. This is how we help endangered fishing communities to flourish, all over the world.
CleanFish works closely with its producers. Next generation practices are already in the works, from raising fish in polycultures, to wetlands filtration systems to experimental deepwater aquapods for raising shrimp without additional feed.
The future is happening now. You can taste it.



Cleanfish Product we offer at sffc...


At San Francisco Fish Comapny we pride ourselves on using the best quality product in our food. We use Loch Duart Salmon in most of our salmon dishes such as our Salmon Salad, Lomi-Lomi, House-cured gravlax, Salmon Roll, Salmon Cakes, Honey Mustard Salmon Salad, Salmon Roll Salad, as well as our Summer Salmon Salad. 

We also use Laughing Bird Shrimp in a lot of our seafood salads and sandwiches such as our Shrimp Po'Boy, Orzo Salad, Noodle Salad, Laughing Bird Salad, as well as in our Caribbean Fish Chowder, and Prawn Burrito Lunch Special.

Please come in and taste Cleanfish for yourselves!