San Francisco Fish Company provides the bay area with fresh seafood, handpicked by the owner, to provide the community with top quality seafood. Our location provides the downtown area hot food with our lunch menu available five days a week and open from 10-3 on weekdays with an extended hour til 4pm on weekends. You can get our hot MENU ITEMS packaged to take away or join us and eat it on site.

Our OYSTER BAR set out in front is one of our local's favorite! Passing by, slam a few oysters in minutes. We provide our daily pick of fresh hand-shucked oysters, both Pacific and Atlantic origins available. Cocktail sauce, lemon, Tobasco, and our famous ATOMIC horseradish will add a kick to your selection and is available on oyster table. At $2 a pop, you can't go wrong with getting your fix of the ocean's finest with convenience needing no reservation. It's first come, first served, so come on down and have an oyster experience that you will love.

Behind the Scenes...there are several things that not every one knows about what San Francisco Fish Can do for you. Did you know we can poach and decorate a whole salmon for your next dinner party? We can! Did you know you can order your prawns peeled and de-veined for only a dollar extra a pound? You can and we will! Did you know that if you purchase whole fish we can do just about anything you need to it...scale it, gut it, fillet it, you name it, we'll do it!