Difference Between Angling vs Fishing

Angling vs Fishing

It’s common that people get confused between angling and fishing. For its similar term and equipment, its hard for them to find out the suitable name for specific method. Don’t worry I will break down the confusion between angling vs fishing. Lets start from here,

Angling vs Fishing: Major Differences

Angling vs Fishing Major Differences

Angling is a fishing technique, which required rod, reel, line and baits for complete the method. This way anglers use a fishing rod and other equipment has to catch the fishes by hand. Generally, angling is not a commercial way to fishing because of its quantity compare to its timing.

Anglers can fish at a time single fish by using of one or two fishing rods. Therefore, People who are fishing non commercially or fish using only a fishing rod and its equipment’s are called anglers, and the fishing method known as angling.

On the other hand, Fishing is a combination of all fish catching technique including angling. In this way, people can fish by fishing rod, netting, fish trapping, spearing, electrofishing and other popular fishing techniques.

Therefore, people who fishes commercially follows this method for catching huge amount of fish. Mostly, netting and fish trapping are commercially used for its fish quantity compare to its timing. However, fishing technique are differ for places and fish types. Due to that, professional fishers use different fishing methods as well as angling.

Why Fishermen are Called Angler?

Why Fishermen are Called Angler

Angler means who fishes with hook and line. The term angle comes from old English and that’s the thing that makes fishermen anglers. In 15th century, people who fish with hook and line are called anglers.

Therefore, till now people who fishes and follows this technique they are known as anglers. However, modern day’s fishermen use various types of rod and reel and mostly they are known as anglers. Thus, people who use fishing net or other fishing method does not countable as an angler.

Purpose of Angling and its Benefits

Purpose of Angling and its Benefits

Angling is a fishing technique, which required fishing rod, reel, line and functional baits for specific fish type. The purpose of angling is differ from people to people. Nevertheless, the most common cause of angling is for relaxation and enjoying the fish catching process.

Angling is not a hard work if you are enjoying it. Due to that, different country organized fishing competitions between national and internationally. Most Americans practices angling as like as other sports. Therefore, it is a great outdoor sport to them for relaxation.

Moreover, Fish with angling is a functional and professional work for those who take it as a way of obtaining food. Some people follows this technique to get fishes for him or his family. It’s not like it’s the only way for them, but technically it’s one of the way for getting fresh food.

The most important and significant benefits of fishing this way, it its functional system. Angling does not affect the fish populations as you are following the rule. People who fishes following this method are the ones who targeted one or two types of fish category.

Due to this reason, they do not catch other fishes except their need. Thus, in this way, the fishing ecosystem and fish population both are maintained properly.

3 Sustainable Fishing Methods

Sustainable fishing methods are those that don’t have the negative impacts or minimum impact on the fish populations. In a word, if any method does not affect the fish environment or eco system then this one is the sustainable fishing method. Some of them discussed in below:

1. Pole and Line Fishing

Pole and line fishing is generally angling, in this method fisher use a fishing rod that is connected to a spinning or baitcasting reel including fishing lines. Just hook up a bait or lure and through it to the targeted area.

However, benefit of this technique is it barely affects the fishing environment. Hand fishing does not do overfishing and suitable catch the targeted fish. This way fish population are completely safe and they grow in a proper way.

2. Hand Fishing

Hand fishing is completely a copy of angling just it does not have any fishing rod or reel. This technique is just attached a hook on the fishing line and use a bait for attracting the fish. People who do not fish commercially they followed this technique.

However, hand fishing is safe and sustainable fishing technique but it has some limitations as well. This method only work on light or shallow water and suitable to catch small or medium size fishes. If you target larger or deep-water fish then it will be a hard way to catch it up.

3. Trolling and Boating

Trolling fishing method is a popular and sustainable method for its effectivity. In this technique, anglers use a fishing line that attached with a hook and bait. The line bind with a boat then dragging slowly by boat.

This way fishes attracted to the lures and take it up as like as live bait. Trolling is a sustainable fishing method because of its limited downsides. This method does not have a bycatching problem or overfishing issues. Due to that, it is suitable and sustainable for shallow and deep water fishing area.

Overall, these are the most commonly used fishing technique that are suitable to use effectively. Nevertheless, it’s not that these are the only methods that are sustainable way, if your fishing method does not overfishing or ecofriendly then you can follow your own method.