Artificial Fishing Bait Types – The Ultimate Fishing Bait Guide

Although fishing is fun, it is also complicated. And the fishing bait makes this task more difficult.

Fishing becomes almost impossible without using the right bait even if you use expensive fishing rods and gears. And using natural bait also became quite a hassle. So many people are inclined to use artificial bait.

Artificial bait is a very effective way of fishing. You do not have to worry about the bait, and there is no fear of instant damaging the bait.

Today I will tell you the details of some of the best artificial fishing bait types in the market and how to fish with artificial bait. Read my article to know more.

Artificial Fishing Bait Types

Shrimp bait

These baits look like shrimp but are very scary for the fish. These are much more effective for catching large fish.

These are made of sturdy plastic, which lasts a long time and does not break easily. It has hooks on the inside and sinks underwater.

As they are quite heavy, they sink as soon as they are thrown into the water and go deeper. Big fish are much more attracted to these.

Once swallowed, it will get stuck. When buying these, look at the size and color.


These are usually made of plastic and have thick metal sheets on the face side. Its hooks are at the bottom and very sharp.

They are usually made in the shape of small fish. Once a fish swallowed this, it will immediately get stuck with the hook and almost impossible to get out of the hook.

They are a bit heavy, so they stay in one place. They slow down the fake bait movement.

Sometimes they have to be moved manually by moving the fishing rod. These are very effective for catching big fish.

Fly bait

These baits have hooks on the belly and are feathered around them to make it look like a giant grasshopper. These are designed to look like they are floating in the water. But some of them drown after some time.

Because they stay above the water, some fish come to eat. Once swallowed, its hook gets stuck, which is impossible to open for them. Good results can be obtained by using this technique.

There are many types of models available that you can buy as you need.

Soft plastic bait

The soft plastic baits are useful for fishing. These are usually made to resemble small insects, such as lizard, worm, Cockroach, Shrimp, and many more.

The primary purpose of this type of fake fishing bait is to attract the insect lover fish.

Their use is beneficial, if you throw the bait in the water, they become soft, and fish will shallow it. You can catch from small fish to big fish through this bait.

But these do not last long. If you leave this for a long time, it gets ruined. And most of the time, these are damaged by the bite of fish.


This type of artificial fishing lures has a massive iron on the head side, which causes a lot of weight, and the hook is along the middle of the bait.

The bait structure is made with soft plastic, and it is very soft; that’s why most of the big fish come to eat it as food. This bait is very popular because of easiness to use and much more effective.

Just throw the artificial fishing bait in the water and wait for a while. After a while, roll up the yarn a little, the fish will think it is alive and then swallow it. It is the primary method.

Power Bait

These baits are perfect for those who are just started fishing. It attract fish in a different system and are a more straightforward method.

They look like plastic and have a natural flavor, which makes them smell like fish.

Its use is completely hassled free. Put a piece on the hook and throw it in the water. Due to its smell, fish will come and swallow easily.

They are very popular with newcomers because they do not require any technique to use. So these can be used to catch big fish with less effort.

Final word

If you are a professional fisherman or want to start fishing as a new, you can choose one of these baits.

All of these artificial fishing bait types are quite popular, so you can catch excellent fish without having too hard with them.

But before using artificial lures, make sure you buy the bait according to what kind of fish you want to catch. And make sure the bait looks natural and not too shiny. Fish do not like shiny bait too much.