Best Crawfish Bait in 2022 – Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

In today’s market, everyone wants more results by spending less time. So scientists have created artificial fishing lures by researching on fish.

These are made based on the fish’s preferred food and flavor, which attracts the fish and easily swallows the bait.

Fishing lures are more efficient and durable than natural baits, which is why professionals prefer artificial lures.

Today we will tell you about some of the Best Crawfish Bait available on the market and their effectiveness. Also, we will give you ideas on where to use these baits to get better results.

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Berkley PowerBait Fishing Soft BaitBerkley PowerBait Fishing Soft Baitstar iconCheck Price
Strike King Rage Tail CrawStrike King Rage Tail Crawstar iconCheck Price
Rebel Lures Original Realistic Crawfish Crankbait Fishing LureRealistic Crawfish Crankbaitstar iconCheck Price
Lixada Soft Fishing Lure Crawfish BaitLixada Soft Crawfish Baitstar iconCheck Price
Rebel Lures Original Realistic Crawfish CrankbaitRebel Realistic Crawfish Crankbaitstar iconCheck Price

Benefits of Using Crawfish Bait

Suitable for Long-Term Use

Crawfish baits are made of selected plastic or PVC material. Despite its soft outer surface, PVC does not easily break. Therefore, fishing lures are not at risk of damage.

For those who like to do regular fishing, these types of artificial baits will give good results.

However, there are different types, so the best way to select fishing bait is according to the fishing environment.

Available in Popular Shapes

Fishing areas are not always the same. Even the category of fishing lures has to be changed according to the environment. This is why artificial fishing lures come in a variety of shapes.

Due to this, there are a variety of baits that are useful for particular places. To catch crawfish artificial baits are made into the most popular shapes.

Stunningly Realistic

Natural baits are most popular with fish. However, you may be surprised to hear that artificial fishing baits are more effective than natural in some cases.

The main reason for this is that fishing lures are made after a great deal of testing, and then they are marketed, including a few of these flavors.

Due to this flavor, there is a lot of fish attracted to them. Nowadays, artificial baits are the most popular ones over natural baits.

Best Crawfish Bait Reviews

In today’s review we have discussed the most popular crawfish baits on the market. We have reviewed all the special features and drawbacks. We have also given you tips on how you can use them to get better results. So, you can choose one of these depending on your needs.

1. Crawfish Bait | Berkley PowerBait Fishing Soft Bait

Berkley PowerBait Fishing Soft Bait

Berkeley PowerBait is the best in the world of PowerBait. This American company has been making this for over 25 years.

And they have very skilled scientists with their testing labs who have been working on this PowerBait for a long time, and this is why their product is the best.

The PowerBait of this company is made with top Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) material which makes them hard to break and can easily give any bait shape.

The developers have created over a thousand insect replicas with this PowerBait. These baits are much long last than soft plastic baits.

PowerBait is made depending on the characteristics of the fish. Scientists research and create these artificial scents based on the food they like and dislike,

through which the fish near this PowerBait are actually attracted due to its artificial scent and swallow the bait quickly.

And because of the tough PVC bait, they can’t be unhooked. Due to this artificial scent, you can catch at least 18 times more fish than natural bait.

PowerBait comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Experts create its color and texture based on the specific fishing area. So if you select the bait according to your fishing area and water shade, you will get the best results.

Professional fishers like to use it for different colors and shapes, and they are getting good results in using it.

Key Features :

  • Made with Top PVC material for long-lasting its durability
  • Available in various sizes and shapes according to the fishing area
  • Have artificial scents that attract fish more than natural bait

2. Strike King Rage Tail Bait For Crawfish

Strike King Rage Tail Craw

If you are looking for soft plastic lures and loves to fish in deep water then try this 4-inch tail craw, it will blow your mind.

The Strike King Company has been making Artificial Lures for almost 50 years, and they are very good at it.

They know what things fish like to eat, and they are developing those baits day by day. This best bait for crawfish can make your hard work more manageable.

This lure stays on the ground after being thrown into the water. But when moved due to wind or tension of the yarn, its backside weaves like a fishtail.

For this reason, giant fishes think it is alive and swallow the bait in a second.

This artificial craw is very useful for ground touch fishing. Larger fishes usually live close to the ground, and this lures to attract them,

which allows you to catch massive fishing with your fishing rod without any hassle.

It is very light in weight and will not create any problem due to the wind. However, if you use this in deep water, you will get the best results.

Key Features :

  • Made with High-grade soft material
  • Lightweight easy to handle
  • Suitable for deep water fishing

3. Rebel Lures Original Realistic Crawfish Crankbait Fishing Lure

Rebel Lures Original Realistic Crawfish Crankbait Fishing Lure

Rebel lures are the best bait for catching big fish that like to eat regular small size fishes. The best advantage of this bait is they can be used in all types of water.

It is even possible to fish in one foot of water using this.

This product has been designed so meticulously that people will no doubt that it is alive or artificial bait. And the biggest thing is that it has a lot of colors,

you can select its color according to the type of water you want to use, and you can fool the fish only with this bait.

These Rebel Crankbait hooks are made of a solid material which is not easily bent, and it is capable of carrying a lot of weight.

Usually when the fish dances after getting stuck with the hook sometimes hooks get baked, and there is a possibility of the fish running away.

But you don’t have to face this type of problem using this product. It is one of the Best Crawfish Bait in the artificial bait planet.

Using this Rebel crankbait, you can also catch running water fish, and it is well known for catching claw fish and tilapia.

Key Features :

  • Realistic design crankbait
  • High-grade stainless steel hook
  • Suitable for most fishing areas

4. Lixada Soft Fishing Lure Crawfish Bait

Lixada Soft Fishing Lure Crawfish Bait

Lixada crawfish bait is so realistic designed that you never realize it’s an artificial shrimp. The color quality of this bait is very authentic, and its structure and size are similar to the original Shrimp.

Its built material is a very high-quality soft plastic which high end to use is. It will not bend easily, and no problem will occur about the color and immersion in water.

Due to its outstanding design and color, the fish swallows the bait and gets stuck with its hook.

This artificial bait usually gets better results if you use it on lakes and small rivers. However, it is a perfect bait for fishing in places like large rocks in the water, and fishes hide under the rocks.

It behaves like a natural shrimp after being tossed in the water, so it can also be used in freshwater.

This soft and flexible bait allows you to fish effectively at an incredible speed. You do not need to be a professional to use it, because it is so simple to use that both professionals and beginners can use it.

Key Features :

  • Made with high-quality PVC material
  • Act like natural Shrimp in the water
  • Easy to use for any fishing areas

5. Rebel Lures Original Realistic Crawfish Crankbait

Rebel Lures Original Realistic Crawfish Crankbait

Rebel crawfish is a competitive product for those who like crankbait. Its hard plastic body and natural color will fascinate you. It is effortless to use,

and the fish will swallow the bait automatically if you just put the bait and toss in the water. Because of this, any beginner will enjoy using it for fishing.

It is commonly used in lakes and rivers but can also be used in canal or spring water. It has 2sharp hooks, once any fish attached with it, unlikely to open.

And these are much more long-lasting than other brands.

One of the aspects of this bait is that it is available in lightweight and different sizes, due to which you can use it to catch any type of fish. And these can be usable in different environments.

It can be used anywhere from the water surface to deep water. However, depending on which type of fish is your favorite, you have to select the bait first.

Key Features :

  • Suitable for professionals and beginners
  • Made with durable hard plastic
  • Well suited for river and lake fishing

6. YUM Craw Chunk Soft Plastic Bait For Crayfish

YUM Craw Chunk Soft Plastic Bait

When you select a crawfish bait, the first thing to keep in mind is its built quality. The primary purpose of bait is to attract the fish and for this reason,

always give preference to soft bait to get good results. Soft baits can move quickly, which is why they get more attention from the fish.

This artificial bait is made of soft plastic. Since it is soft, it can produce a lot of output. However, its softness means there is no need to worry about its construction.

This artificial bait is made of quality plastic. So there is no possibility of these being damaged by light pull or pressure.

Anyway, let’s talk about the design. The bait is designed with three-dimensional features.

Originally, the best bait for crayfish was transformed into a design to make it realistic. In terms of color and appearance, the company has tried to give it a natural look.

The bait is a total size of 2.5 inches from head to tail. You can use it with any hook. And since it is minor in size, it is easy to maintain.

So if you want to buy artificial bait, you can give it a priority.

Key Features :

  • Featuring a three-dimensional design
  • Designing a hollow body that is especially strong
  • Crawbug measures 2.5 inches in length
  • The product produces from soft plastic

7. Zoom UltraVibe Speed Crawfish Bait For Bass

Zoom UltraVibe Speed Craw-Pack of 12

We are presenting the most affordable and fantastic fishing bait, one of the popular products in the current market.

This fishing bait is effective and affordable. In this way, it is possible to fish more often at a lower cost.

The crawfish bait is colored a bit purple. In those places where light-colored fishing bait does not perform well, this bait will work nicely.

Moreover, its color combination is quite natural. Even if used for a long time in the water, it will not lose its color.

But there is another advantage to this crawfish bait. Adding salt to it while making it better makes it tastier. Nevertheless, fish like to eat salty things,

but they give up due to lack of salt when they bite the artificial lure. For this reason, making this bait slightly salty attracts a lot of fish.

A total of 12 baits will be available in this artificial fishing bait package. But if you calculate the price, then, of course, we will say you will win.

Because it is a bit difficult to find such an effective thing in the current market at such a low price.

So you can choose this type of crawfish bait for regular fishing or offshore fishing. However, this lure is quite famous for bass fishing.

Key Features :

  • Impregnated salt to hold fish
  • Pack of 12 pcs of baits
  • Colors and designs that are realistic
  • It comes at an affordable price

8. RUNCL Probite Craw Baits, Bass Fishing Lures

RUNCL Probite Craw Baits, Bass Fishing Lures

The marketplace is flooded with a huge range of fishing bait products, and finding one of your choices will not be easy.

But if you search according to your priorities, it will be a bit convenient for you. This bait can be a great pick for you if you are looking for effective fishing bait.

These artificial fishing baits are fitted with durable rubber, making their design and attraction very attractive to fish. However, this fishing bait has a unique feature.

This lure has a tail with it that flows with soft and flowing water. Fish think it is a natural bait because of its design. Despite this, it is currently one of the best baits.

This bait is made in a manner that gives it a realistic movement. For this reason, once the fish is stuck with it, it will not run away easily, and you will have enough time to catch it.

Furthermore, the lure is designed with hooks on both sides. Larger fish are less likely to be trapped with a hook.

And these crawfish baits are usually used for medium or large-size fishing. Therefore, due to the advantage of double hooks, fish have a better chance of sticking with hooks.

Key Features :

  • Equipped with double hook slots
  • Compact body with ribs
  • Increase water displacement and draw attention
  • Develop a realistic movement

9. Anchor Box – Crawfish Lure, Soft Fishing Lures

Anchor Box - Craw Baits, Soft Fishing Lures

There are many reasons to keep this fishing bait on our top list. But the main thing is that it is a combination of different colors. There are a total of 15 baits in this bait package.

It is possible to use multicolored baits in various situations. For this reason, it is a suitable bait for fishing.

Usually, not all fishing places are the same. Some prefer to fish in rivers and some in ponds or canals. Many times, it became necessary to fish at different locations.

So, thinking of everyone, the company has given a package of best crawfish lure which have suitable colored baits for fishing everywhere.

Well, using a completely realistic design and color combination, the baits resemble a real fish. So there is no opportunity for fishers to encounter any difficulties.

Its softback prevents fish from running away in fear. As a matter of fact, this kind of fishing bait has been around for a long time and is quite effective.

Moreover, fishing bait reflects light, allowing the fish to see it from a far distance. By using this bait regularly, you will be able to catch high-quality fish.

Key Features :

  • It attracts fish and makes them hold on longer
  • From all directions, it reflects light
  • Fluently flaps as if it was alive
  • Unique style of crawfish

10. Tackle HD Soft Plastic Bait Lure

Tackle HD Soft Plastic Bait Lure

Check out this fishing bait before buying any product in the world of fishing. This fishing bait of different shapes is quite popular among professionals.

These fishing baits come in the shape of natural fishing bait, making them suitable for any fishing application.

The bait is 3 to 3.7 inches long. However, since every component of this bait is of high quality, it is less likely to be damaged easily. During its lifetime, it is reusable.

Professional fishers avoid natural baits when fishing, primarily because real baits are challenging to handle. Fishing involves natural bait biting fingers, so there is a risk of injury.

However, the use of artificial bait does not have to face such problems. The good crawfish bait has this advantage as well.

Furthermore, bait is a great way to catch fish in multiple locations. For this reason, even if you think about casting, fishing lures are not very expensive.

So, all of these can generate excellent results.

Key Features :

  • Designed to look like realistic crawfish bait
  • Made from long-lasting soft plastic
  • Smart replacement for live bait
  • It moves like live bait to influence the fish to bite

Comparison Chart Of Crawfish Bait

Product Name




Berkley PowerBait


5 inch


Strike King

Bama Craw

4 inch

Strike King

Rebel Lures

Cajun Crawdad

5 inch


Lixada Soft

holographic texture

3.15 inch


Lures Original Realistic

Cajun Crawdad

5 inch


YUM Craw


2.5 inch

Yum Lures

Zoom UltraVibe


3.5 inch

Zoom Bait

RUNCL Probite

Craw Baits

4.2 inch


Anchor Box

Craw Baits Shadow

4.2 inch


Tackle HD

Brown and Orange

3.75 inch

Tackle HD

Crawfish Bait Buying Guide

1. Fishing area

Fishing area selection is essential in the field of artificial bait use. Fishing baits can be made separately for rivers or lakes and canals so you must check before buying lures to see if the bait can work in your fishing area.

At the same time, there is a relationship between watercolor and bait color. Some baits work in freshwater, and some baits work in stagnant water, so try to buy baits that match the color of the water to get better results.

2. Fish Category

You have to select the artificial bait depending on what type of fish you want to catch. Artificial baits are made by researching fish, and lures is made depending on the food preferences of different fish.

So one type of bait may not attract other types of fish. So buy the best crawfish bait for bass that made to catch your favorite fish.

3. Water Depth

Water depth for fishing is also a part of artificial bait selection.

Deep-water fish generally prefer tail craws. Soft bait or power bait is beneficial for them because this lure can be seen from a great distance.

And big fish are more attracted to these. So these are quite effective.

But if you want to fish in running water or upstream water, then Craw or Rebel Lures will give you satisfactory results. Such baits are made for surface water fishing.

And if you like to fish in rocky or rugged waters, crankbait is best for you. Crankbaits are made of hard plastic, so they do not break easily and are the best way to fish on rocks area.

4. Lure Durability

Before buying Artificial Lures, you must check what type of material made with. Usually, artificial bait made with soft PVC and rigid PVC.

For soft PVC, if they do not use good quality material, then it will be torn with water or once caught, it can no longer be used.

And for rigid PVC, if it uses low-quality PVC, it will crack as a result of abrasion or rubbing with the surface.

So before buying, make sure that bait is made of good quality PVC. You must read the bait review at least once.

5. Fishing Technique

The fishing technique of beginners and professionals is different, and the bait selection is also diverse. So if you are a professional, then you are skilled enough in fishing.

But if you are a beginner and don’t know how to catch crawfish then you should choose a bait that is effective for different types of fishing. Because if you go fishing in a professional technique first, you may not be successful.

So you follow the steps of the beginners and use their method, after a while, you will be able to use the pro technique when you are experienced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it better to fish with artificial fishing lures?

Artificial fishing lures are now more effective than natural baits. Because these are developed by researching different fish depending on their preferred food,

so these types of baits attract fish very fast, which makes it possible to catch a lot of fish in an effortless way. And this is why people are now using artificial baits more.

2. Which lure is the best?

It depends on which kind of area you want to fish in. If you’re going to catch big fish, it would be best for you to use deep water bait like power bait or craw bait.

And for the surface, there are several more baits, including the Rebel Bait and Crankbait. So if you select the lure depending on your fishing type and area, you will get the best results.

3. Do fish like PowerBait?

The power bait is made in such a way that the fish can smell it from afar and bite like a natural bait. Power bait is developed by researching fish.

So it is a trendy food for fish. And using these is much more capable of fishing than natural bait.

4. Which one is better natural or artificial bait?

Artificial baits are more effective than natural ones because they are made by researching the fish’s favourite food. Bait is made by developing on the food and smell that the fish likes.

So if they are used properly, the fish are much more attracted by this, and it is possible to catch more fish than natural baits.

5. Does the beginner can use artificial bait?

Artificial baits are made in such a way that both professionals and beginners can use them. So if you are a beginner, you can use it, but before that, you have to select the right bait.

Depending on your fishing area and type of fish, if you can select the right bait, you will also get good results at the beginner level.

Final words

Many people are now leaning more towards artificial baits because they are more effective than natural ones, but the problem is not being able to select which artificial baits are effective.

So today we will let you know about the Best Crawfish Bait on the market. Select according to your need and according to the fishing area. Hopefully, you will be a success in your fishing.