Best Spinning Reel For Drop Shot

Best Spinning Reel For Drop Shot In 2022 – Top 10 Picks

Maybe you are a professional fisherman, or you are new to this profession, but a good quality fishing reel is needed for everyone.

However, it is challenging to choose a good quality reel. Because now there are many options available in the market which also have different specifications and features.

So, according to your work requirements, you need the Best spinning reel for drop shot.

To save you from this problem today, we will tell you how to identify a good quality reel, and I will let you know about some of the best reels on the market.

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Penn Battle saltwater spinning reel
Penn Battle Spinning Fishing Reel

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PENN Pursuit III Spinning Fishing Reel
PENN Pursuit III Spinning Reel

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KastKing Sharky saltwater spinning reel
KastKing Carbon Fiber Spinning Reel

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Piscifun Flame Light Weight Spinning Reels
Piscifun Light Weight Reels

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KastKing Megatron saltwater spinning reel
KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel

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Benefits of Using Spinning Reel For Drop Shot

Reduce line twist

It is one of the most frustrating things about fishing to experience a line twist. The twist in the fishing line takes longer to fix when confronted with this problem.

However, if you use a good-quality spinning reel, you can avoid the line twist while fishing. Spinning reels use spooling, and their reeling speed is flexible, so there is no issue with line twisting.

Drag with smoothness

The drop shot reels are made with more ball bearings nowadays. It is mainly to increase the smoothness of fishing. Fishing reels generally use gears and ball bearings in a few steps.

The reels control vibration and sound for this reason. Furthermore, you will obtain smooth filling when winding the filling lines.


Vibrations occur at a rapid pace with fishing reels. As a result, the fishing reel feels under excessive pressure due to this vibration.

However, the fishing reel’s spool generally has high-density graphite, carbon fiber, or aluminum.

This advantage of a spinning reel and the fishing line does not result in too much friction. Because of this, fishing lines that are used on durable spinning reel last a long time.

Best Spinning Reel For Drop Shot Reviews

We will try to inform you about the built quality and all the features of the top 10 most popular reels in the market.

And we will also tell you what you should look for before buying a good quality spinning reel.

So I was hoping you could read my review to know all the information.

1. Penn Battle Spinning Reel For Drop Shot

The PENN fishing company has been selling fishing accessories for almost 90 years. They have impressed their customers with their products and services and gained a reputation in this fishing market.

The product we are going to review is the best drop shot spinning reel so you have no reason to worry about its effectiveness.

This product is made entirely of metal, and its side plates, rotors, and bolts are made of hardened aluminum. The reel’s durability will be much longer due to the excellent quality material,

and you will get a premium feel in use. And there is no fear of being broken or damaged like any ordinary saltwater spinning reel.

This reel has a drag system made of carbon fiber through which you can use this reel to catch the large type of fish very smoothly. And this drag system will further increase the pleasure of fishing in saltwater.

Another feature is that it uses 5 sealed ball bearings, which are made of stainless steel. Using this reel, you will be much more comfortable using saltwater or freshwater than any other reel.

And in this reel, there is a separate ball bearing set for the anti-reversing facility.

Key Features :

  • Reputed and well-known company’s product
  • Five sealed ball bearing with the anti-reverse facility
  • Made with durable Carbon fiber drag system
  • Metal reel with aluminum side plates and rotor

2. Penn Drop Shot Spinning Reel

Here comes another product of PENN Company. They are giving you a smooth gear system and a spinning reel made of perfect durable construction.

PENN Company’s products are preferable to other companies because of their company background and durability of the product.

This reel uses a carbon fiber drag washer, which will rotate your handle super smoothly. Ordinary reels create sound when turning, which is a bit annoying.

But due to the carbon fiber washer, the reel will work very quietly, and you can use it in peace.

The construction of this reel is with graphite material. Graphite is one of the most rigid materials on the list of all known materials, it will be made your reel stronger,

and this company has worked to make this point. They use graphite to create a powerful saltwater spinning reel so that you don’t have to be reluctant to catch fatty fish.

Another excellent feature of this reel is using an oscillation gear mechanism used in a few fewer reels.

Due to this feature, no extra lubricant is required in gear, and it is in a fully sealed condition so that no friction will be felt and the fishing line will be smoothly winded.

Key Features :

  • Carbon fiber drag washer HT-100
  • Made with graphite material
  • Uses an oscillation gear mechanism
  • Super Slim and light in weight

3. KastKing Sharky Spinning Reel

KastKing Company has come up with the drop shot reels. This reel is designed based on great looking and best usability. It is very light in weight so you can use it in saltwater and freshwater very comfortably.

This saltwater spinning reel is powerful enough to catch sea fish. Its main shaft is made of stainless steel, and the whole body of the reel is made of carbon fiber reinforced with graphite.

At the same time, you will find the Triple Disc drag system that you can use to catch fish weighing up to 18kg very smoothly.

Its water-resistant body is sealed so that even if the water is applied to the insides spool and rotor, it cannot cause any damage.

So even if they are soaked in water for a long time, there is no possibility of them being easily rusted or damaged.

To make your spinning reel much smoother, KastKing has used pinion gears, small in size and accurate in work. So this pinion gear can rotate your reel without any vibration.

Key Features :

  • Made with carbon fiber and graphite
  • Powerful and stainless steel rotor
  • Powerful Triple disc drag system
  • Pinion gear for noise reduction

4. Best Value Drop Shot Reel

If you are looking for a powerful reel for fishing and also it should be made by a reputed company, then we would say this reel is made for you.

This reel’s specialty is the main shaft made of reinforced metal, and it comes with the high-quality drive gear. Not only this, with the help of machined brass pinion gear and triple drag washers, it can be used to lift weights very easily.

The only reason to use so many processes is that fatty fish can be caught in any situation.
To make this reel super smooth, it uses 9 ball bearings and a pair of roller attached to the pinion gear.

This super quality gear design will make your reel very smooth. So fishing will become much more enjoyable for you.

It also weighs less, so you can use it comfortably. Usually, the reels with features are a bit heavy, but the spool and frame of this reel are made with aluminum,

so there is no possibility of hurting your hand while using it. And it can be carried very easily. Combining all these things, you can assume it is the best spinning reel for drop shot

Key Features :

  • High-quality Powerful fishing reel
  • Built-in triple drag washers with the pinion gear
  • Super smooth and incredible performance
  • Lightweight body and the reel gears

5. KastKing Megatron Spinning Reel, Freshwater and Saltwater

This reel from KastKing Company will change your fishing experience. Its excellent performance and built quality will amaze any professional fisherman. Many call it the Most Powerful Transformer.

This Megatron is designed to be light in weight. This unique design allows you to use it to catch bigger fish.

Usually, saltwater fish jumps a lot, making them very difficult to detect, but if you use this spinning reel, these situations will seem like child’s play to you.

And thinking of durability, the company has used aluminum skeleton in it, which will give this reel a solid structure and a premium look. So there is no risk of this reel being damaged.

They have used a pro-level gear set in this reel, which is why you will find the reel to be super smooth. So the KastKing Company did not make any mistake in making this reel from all sides.

Key Features :

  • Comfortable and Premium design
  • Super powerful and lightweight
  • Used Pro level gear set
  • Aluminum skeleton frame

6. Sougayilang Light Weight Aluminum Reel

If you expect to fish for a very long time, you will need a robust and lightweight fishing reel. This fishing reel from Sougayilang Company will meet your needs if you are looking for a fishing reel in this category.

Using this reel for a long time will give you good results in fishing as it is powerful and lightweight.

The smoothness of the reel is one of the most important features of the fishing reel. An excellent reel’s bearing system and material make it easy to identify.

However, the Sougayilang Company used 14 ball bearings to hold the reel in premium place. Because these ball bearings are completely corrosion-resistant, the reel will run very smoothly.

Therefore, regular use of this reel or using it professionally is quite comfortable.

The company has made all of its spare parts from solid materials to increase the reel’s durability. Conveniently speaking, the reel has equipped with both metal shafts and brush gears.

As well as using carbon fiber drag washers to brake, it also uses a triple-deck carbon fiber braking system.

Despite being lightweight and thin enough, this fishing reel has a hollow frame design. There is no reason to be afraid due to its slim body.

The robust structure of this reel gives it good durability, so this can also use it in large-scale fishing. Those who are beginners in fishing lines will find this to be a straightforward product to use.

Key Features :

  • Smooth reel made with 14 ball bearings
  • Built material includes hard Metal and brush gears as relays
  • A reel designed with a frame that is very light in weight
  • It will be suitable for both beginners and professionals

7. KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

A lot of people are looking for a reel that is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. There is a slightly lower number of such fishing reels available since the two locations are different.

Considering its features, the reel from this KastKing Company is top of the line for use with saltwater and freshwater.

This powerful spinning reel has carbon fiber drag washers. Carbon fiber products are quite strong and powerful. Therefore, they are also very good at lifting weights.

A reel such as this can catch fish weighing as much as 26.5 lbs or 12 kg. However, if you want to catch fish weighing more than 12 kg,

it will not be a problem, but the reel’s smoothness will be affected. Depending on the condition, you may need to apply the technique.

The main shaft of the reel has high-quality aluminum, so large-scale fishing will not damage this reel. Therefore, it is safe to use it for heavy or large size fishing.

Additionally, it has 11 bearings to maintain the smoothness of the reel. Therefore, the user does not have to burden with performance issues.

This spinning reel is suitable to use either with a right hand or a left hand. In addition, the adjusting system allows it to be used comfortably in any hand.

Therefore, this reel is perfect for use in saltwater and freshwater alike.

Key Features :

  • Weight lifting will be easier for reel’s carbon fiber drag washers
  • Main shaft is made of aluminum which will increase its durability
  • This product is suitable for both left and right hands
  • The reel is capable of using both fresh and saltwater

8. Inshore Fishing Reel With Wood Handle Metal Body

The fishing reel we are going to describe has many reasons to include it in our list of 10 reviews. The reel has a number of special features, including high-tensile gears and smooth performance.

A designer body and an oscillation management system give the reel a high-end look. There are also 11 ball bearings on this reel to maximize smoothness.

In addition, there are three gear notches. This way, you don’t have to worry about line reeling.

In order to increase the strength, the spool contains heavy-duty aluminum. Aluminum is hard and stainless, so contact with water will not damage the spool.

Even the look of the glazing on the outside will last for a long time. If you want to maintain this outlook, however, you must keep it clean after use.

Fishing in the sea or river is a popular pastime for many people. But sometimes, you can’t handle the greed of fishing in a lake or pond.

Nevertheless, you do not need to purchase a separate reel for this work. The reel can use from Sougayilang Company in either deep or shallow water.

For this reason, this reel is considered one of the most popular reels in the market.

Key Features :

  • High-tensile gearing that reduces reel noise
  • Glazing outlook and premium design
  • Aluminum spool is corrosion-proof and durable
  • Suitable to use in lakes or ponds, besides seas and rivers

9. SHIMANO Reels For Saltwater Fishing

Introducing a spinning reel with excellent performance at a very reasonable price. People consider the price of a spinning reel when purchasing one.

Good reels are relatively expensive. But what distinguishes this reel is that its performance is top-notch while its cost is quite reasonable. It is the best drop shot spinning reel available on the market.

However, the reel is not lagging behind in terms of features due to its affordable price. It comes with nine ball bearings and gives a good output.

Furthermore, stainless steel makes these ball bearings completely resistant. Therefore, the balls will not break easily. Therefore, this product is suitable to use for a long time.

The majority of reels build with aluminum. Due to the use of aluminum, reels are a little heavier. However, the outer part of the reel contains carbon fiber.

Aluminum is heavier and less stiff than carbon fiber. With its carbon fiber construction, the reel is comfortable to use.

Powerful reels have been equipped with carbon drag systems to increase their performance. When fishing in lakes or canals, instant braking systems are very important.

This facility is well suited to reels made of carbon fiber. Carbon spinning reels are among the market’s strongest and most durable reels.

Key Features :

  • It is constructed with carbon fiber
  • Spins smoothly and is stable with nine ball bearings
  • Equipped with carbon fiber drag system for instant braking
  • An impressive brand product at an affordable price

10. Cadence Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel

If you are searching for a spinning reel with a super-fast and strong design, this product will be a great choice for you. Fast winding speed and a strong body make fishing more enjoyable.

It uses 11 stainless steel balls to increase the reel’s efficiency. In general, fishing reels are single-shielded, but the Piscifun Company reel is double-shielded.

As a result, the reel is stronger and more active. In addition, a carbon fiber washer is used, which is strong and powerful.

On the other hand, this reel’s outer body contains heavy graphite. Aluminum and graphite are both lighter.

Due to this, this reel is very comfortable to use. If you hold it in your hand for a long time, you will not feel any pain.

Despite its high build quality and high-grade material, this reel is relatively affordable. Therefore, this is a good item to purchase as a gift for someone if you have a son or a family youngster.

As long as you adjust it with a good fishing rod, you will have a relaxed and enjoyable experience fishing with this best drop shot reel.

Key Features :

  • Has smooth action and is easy to use
  • Graphite is used to make the reel’s body
  • Has a fast speed and a comfortable grip
  • Durable washer made of carbon fiber

Comparison Chart Of Spinning Reel For Drop Shot

Product Name


Handle Material


Penn Battle Saltwater Spinning Reel

Stainless steel, Metal

Stainless Steel

PENN Fishing

PENN Pursuit

Graphite, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Stainless Steel

PENN Fishing

KastKing Sharky Spinning Reel




Piscifun Flame

Graphite, Aluminum 

EVA Foam


KastKing Megatron




Sougayilang Fishing Reel




KastKing Sharky Baitfeeder




Reels with Wood Handle






Stainless Steel



Graphite, Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Spinning Reel For Drop Shot Buying Guide

Reputed brand

Always try to buy products of respected brands. Because reputable brands test their features before launching a product in the market, also, they pay more attention to their customer reviews.

If we talk about built quality, they make products using the right quality materials. And the built quality of ordinary products is much more likely to be bad.

So it is best to buy the drop shot rod and reel of a well-known company. We hope you can use it for a long time.


Prefer lightweight feature before buying a spinning reel. Good quality reels are always made with expensive and long-lasting materials such as stainless steel or aluminum.

Reels made with this type of material are not easily damaged and are also very light in weight.
So before you buy your desired reel, check if it is lightweight or not. If it is heavy, then try to avoid it.

Gear Quality

The most significant part of the reel’s performance depends on the reel’s gear set. If the spinning reel’s gear is terrible, it will not turn smoothly, and it will get jammed.

If you do not want to fall into this kind of problem, you must check before buying.

We always prefer a reel with a better quality gear set, and you will feel comfortable using your reel. Try to buy the drop shot rod and reel.


The reel’s complete smoothness depends on the gear set, main shaft, and mechanism of the reel. The smoother the gear, the harder the reel will rotate.

The pinion gear is currently being used in all good quality reels. The pinion is smaller in size, so it turns more smoothly and reduces the vibration.

Powerful or not

If you are looking for the best spinning reel for drop shot, then, of course, you are willing to catch big fish. And if that is your first requirement, then try to buy an aluminum built reel.

All the mechanisms of this type of reel are made of aluminum, so they are much more substantial. If the reel of your choice is not robust, then it is better not to buy such a reel

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which spinning reel should I buy?

Always think about buying the kind of reel that will be comfortable to use. Because most of the time, people buy cheap reels thinking about the budget and have to throw it away after a while.

Don’t get me wrong, but this happens all the time. So Buy a better quality reel and use them well.

2. Why is my spinning reel hard to turn?

If the gear gets jammed inside the saltwater spinning reel, then this kind of problem occurred. The only way to avoid such issues is to buy a good quality reel.

Because if you buy a regular reel, you will have to face this problem after a while, which has no permanent solution.

3. What is the way to recognize the powerful spinning reel?

First of all, pay attention to the built quality. If you see the produced material and built quality of the reel is right, you will assume that it is a powerful reel.

The reel’s working mechanism will work well when the built quality of the reel is good; otherwise, it won’t.

4. Can all types of reels be used in saltwater?

Large fish are caught in saltwater, so not all types of reels can show performance there. So you will get better results if you give priority to those reels that are made specifically for saltwater.

All the reels we have reviewed are suitable for use in saltwater.

5. What are the problems if the reel is heavy?

If the reel is too heavy, then it will not be easy to use. Because it will hurt your hands due to weight and you will not work for a long time.

And using heavy reels is also quite uncomfortable. So avoid these as much as possible.

Final Words

Today we have informed you about all the reels which are full of the most exciting features. Their customer reviews are appropriate and positives.

So, of course, it can be said these are the best spinning reel for drop shot.

Hopefully, if you choose a reel among them, you will be able to fish with pleasure.