How To Clean Rusty Fishing Lures – Easy And Quick Tips

How To Clean Rusty Fishing Lures

Lures are used as disposable by most of the anglers because of their rusting nature. And in saltwater conditions, the lures became rusty even sooner. But with some simple steps, you can make it usable again without replacing it. Rusting on fishing rules is very common in the matter of fishing, but changing the lures … Read more

How to Catch Snakehead – The Ultimate Guide

How to Catch Snakehead

Snakehead loves many types of bass lures you may already have. It is kind of similar to catching largemouth bass. If you have already caught largemouth bass before then, you are already one step ahead to catch the Snakehead. If you are searching for Snakehead fishing, then I must say there are no proper techniques … Read more

How To Catch Weakfish – Easy And Quick Tips

How To Catch Weakfish

In terms of fishing, Weakfish do not mean that the fish are actually weak. In general, gray seatrout refers to the Weakfish because they can free themselves against the hook because of their weak mouth structure. Well, if they can tear their mouth from the hook easily, then how to catch Weakfish like them. It’s … Read more

Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig vs Drop Shot: Key Difference

Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig vs Drop Shot

Choosing a perfect rig is a very tough choice you have to make. Depending on water condition, weather condition, seasons, water depth, water type, and water stream, you have to select which rig will be appropriate among Carolina rig vs Texas rig vs drop shot. Catching fish depends on so many types of equipment like … Read more