Different Types of Fishing Rods – Which One Is Right For You

Fishing has become a lot of enjoyable work to do nowadays, and also many people want to take it as a profession.

But the problem is to select the right fishing rod. Because there are many types of fishing rods available in the market and it’s a challenging task to understand which one is for you.

Today I will tell you about Different Types of Fishing Rods. Based on the most effective use and what kind of rod professionals use, including various information about fishing rods.

Please read my full review to know about types of fishing rods. I hope you will be able to select your desired rod.

Different Types of Fishing Rods

Spinning Rod


The spinning rod is currently the most used. These rods are usually light dimensional, thin, and lightweight. Being light, they can be held in hand for a long time and do not feel uncomfortable.

These are usually used for small or medium fishing. It is are not very useful for catching large fishes because the head of the rod is bent and thinner than the body,

which makes them unable to carry much weight, and it can be broken if pulled hard when the weight is more substantial.

But it has an advantage due to which many people like to use them. The reason is that when the yarn is unreeled after the bait eaten by fish,

it is easy to understand that the fish has been caught. This type of rod is the first choice for beginners.

Baitcasting Rod

Baitcasting rods are usually much stiffer, thicker, and quite heavier in weight. They are made of graphite and hard material, making them able to catch a lot of weight and massive fish.

These are usually used for catching large size fish. These rods are stiff, so they do not break easily and are much more comfortable to use.

Another advantage of this rod is that it has Fuji guide eyelets, making it very rare to break the thread. Fuji Guides prevents loosening of yarn and helps in smoothing and unreeling smoothly.

Professionals commonly use these rods. These are a bit tough to use for newbies, but it will be the best rod for fishing if you practice regularly.

Fly Rod

Fly rods are very light and are available in a variety of sizes. These are used for light and small size fishing. Fly rod is an excellent choice for those who are not professional and fishing occasionally.

Also, those who want to fish in small or crowded places will get good results using fly rods.

Fly rods are very comfortable, and light and the most significant advantage is that they are effortless to lift and lower the bait. In a second, you can lift the rod and hold the bait in your hand.

But you can’t catch deeper fish using these rods. For that, you have to select either a spinning rod or a baitcasting rod.

Telescopic Rod

These rods could be into folded form. These are best for portable use. Using this rod, you can catch small or medium-sized fish.

But it will not be possible to catch deep water fish or large fish because they cannot carry a lot of weight.

Campaigners usually use these. Or you can take them with you even if you travel to the farmhouse. It is the best rod to carry with anywhere.

Trolling Rod

These types of rods are used in the deep sea or the middle of the river. These are usually used in boats or trawlers. All kinds of small and big fish can be caught using this rod.

Trawling rods are best for catching fish that are lives on the surface of the deep sea.

This structure of this rod is made in such a way to make it very hard and robust. They are made of graphite and hard metals.

Stainless steel eyelets are used so that the rings are not damaged by abrasion of thread.

These rods are provided with a kind of hook to be attached to the boat. The rod can be in one piece or two pieces. According to their portability, they are also divided into two parts.

Final word

The types of rods I have mentioned are the most widely used and useful Different Types of Fishing Rods in the current market.

I have highlighted the feature and places of use of the different rod. Hopefully, you are now able to select your desired fishing rod.

So select the right rod according to your needs from the fishing rod types and enjoy the angling.