How to Catch Snakehead – The Ultimate Guide

How to Catch Snakehead

Snakehead loves many types of bass lures you may already have. It is kind of similar to catching largemouth bass.

If you have already caught largemouth bass before then, you are already one step ahead to catch the Snakehead.

If you are searching for Snakehead fishing, then I must say there are no proper techniques or tips for catching snakeheads, and the angler didn’t want to share their secrets too.

But don’t worry, this article will help you to learn how to catch snakeheads.

There are two types of Snakehead, one is Northern Snakehead, and another one is Bullseye snakehead. They originated from Asia.

Mostly can be found in Mid-Atlantic areas such as the Blackwater complex, the Potomac River, and the Rappahannock River.

How to Identify Snakehead

How to Identify Snakehead

The best way to catch snakeheads, you should learn to identify them first. So snakeheads belong to the fish family with Channa and Parachanna.

They are the two types of 21 species that are blended from Channidae. The Channa join 18 of those species and begin from Asia, while the Parachanna just holds back three of the species and can be found in tropical Africa.

Northern snakeheads are the assortment generally found in the Mid-Atlantic locale. Snakeheads can likewise be alluded to as Amur snakehead, eastern Snakehead, and mudfish.

Usually, snakeheads can be found in freshwater though they can manage with low-saltiness waters. Due to having a maze organ, they can inhale air additionally.

They can be out of water for a longer time at once as their skin stays sodden because of their capacity to inhale air, which is the way they move and seize new sectors.

You can identify Snakehead with some simple characteristics like Snakehead will have Long dorsal and anal fin with soft rays,

their pelvic fins will be located beneath the pectoral fins, the lower jaw of them will be quite long, there will be some irregular dark blotches, and their tail will be truncated

Where to Find Snakehead

Where to Find Snakehead

At the present time, Snakeheads can be detected in 14 states covering Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. They can also be found in the area of freshwater and brackish water.

In shallow water, they started burgeoning, mainly those with especially thick vegetation and in low oxygen areas where other buzzard fish cannot do well. Sometimes they can be found at roadside ditches and canals.

How to Catch Snakehead

How to Catch Snakehead guied

You need to prepare a heavy line on a heavy rod with a stiff tip as Snakeheads are bigger and usually hooked near heavy covered water. Bass fishing is perfect for catching them,

but you should remember they can be snagged to swim when they are hooked. Usually, lures and live snakehead bait both are useful to catch Snakeheads.

In warmer weather conditions, lures are used, and in colder weather conditions, bait works fine.

Best Fishing Lures for Snakehead

In the summer or warming conditions, most anglers use lures to catch Snakeheads as they can see spectacular explosions. That is why top water lure is popular to catch snakeheads.

There are some best fishing lures to catch snakeheads. They are frogs from upper-level water, poppers, walk-the-dog lures, baits that do buzzing, Baits that do spinner, baits that do chatter.

Best Fishing Baits for Snakehead

In general, snakeheads eat everything that’s swimming or waving. They cannot reject any living food like so you need to attract them and make sure they are noticing your bait.

Here are some best snakehead fishing baits for you, the biggest Mummichog Minnow, they are best, crayfish, frogs, small fish from any species

Most of the anglers do fishing with live baits beneath a bobber. The bigger fish like Minnow, even small fishes, can be suspended one to three feet downward by considering water depth and condition.

You should put the bait deeper according to the cooler weather. If the weather is too cold, put the bait as deep as possible.

Facts to Remember While Catching Snakehead

Facts to Remember While Catching Snakehead

  • Choose Vegetation: Green vegetation is the perfect place to catch Snakeheads as they love to hide and lie in thick. Snakeheads prefer to choose slow water movement and vegetation areas.
  • Using Braided Line: In vegetation, nothing works properly except braided line as it is tougher than other lines, and you can pull the Snakehead from the vegetation. You will find lots of braided lines, but you have to choose ones that look well made and stronger.
  • Using Fresh Lures: To catch the Snakehead, the lures should be rust-free and weed less as you need to fish vegetation which cannot be possible without a fresh lure.
  • Pulling out the fish from the water: Catching a snakehead from Kayak can be the best way for Snakehead fishing. In general, snakeheads tend to stay in the overfished area and to catch them; you need to target the ground. As the kayak is smaller in size and does not draw too much water, it helps to cover more underground and can reach most places where Snakeheads hide themselves.
  • Lure variation: Sometimes, using the same lure, again and again, will make Snakeheads uninterested. You can randomly repeat buzz baits, chatter baits, diving crankbaits to catch them.
  • Time and place variation: You should randomly pick the time and place. If You are following the same time for the same place, it can be a disaster to catch Snakehead as they will know your routing and be careful.

Final Words

Snakehead fishing is not so hard but much trickier in terms of choosing fishing areas and equipment. After all of the discussion, I hope now you know how to catch Snakehead,

so don’t be late because I can ensure that catching them will be the most adventurous and exciting journey you can ever have.

Just pick the right lures or baits according to the weather and water condition by choosing vegetation-covered places. Make sure the line and rod you are using are strong enough to hold and can pull out the fish from the water.